Top 5 Ways How To Manage Stress

The Greatest weapon against stress is our ability to chose one thought over another.

William James


In todays world we have to deal with lots of situations that causes stress, such as constantly working under pressure, being stressed due to bill payments, unhealthy lifestyle and many more. These circumstances are very common in average human life. So it is highly important to manage stress levels otherwise high stress levels are an open invitation to life degradation.

To understand stress management first you need to identify what stress really is. 

Stress Anatomy

DEFINITION. Stress may be defined as the information and energy that needs to be used to fuel some sort of change or in other words it is simply the gap between demand and capacity. To know more click here

Below are some examples why you are stressed:

  • When you don’t have enough time to do something then stress drives to do it urgently.
  • When you don’t have enough money then stress drives an urgency to make sure of covering costs.
  • When you feel lack of physical strength or energy then stress may leads to search and reach out to may be a call to wake up early in morning and do exercise.
Stress isn’t good or bad, but it affects based on its type and identity and how long it continues. You don’t have to look at stress as something good or bad but something that stimulates growth or triggers burnout.

Below are some brain rules upon which you and I generally behave and live:

  • We are hard wired for safety.
  • We have modes of processing information(conscious and unconscious).
  • Triune brain works together to navigate experiences in life.

When stress is experienced but unable to mobilize then the energy is trapped in more primal part of the brain, as this energy grows hence the capacity grows and thus the gap between demand and capacity. This results in stress and more stress leads to further higher levels of stress.


  • Acute stress. This type of stress is temporary and it is helpful as it drives potential to do something.
  • Chronic stress. This type of stress is long lasting and generally deteriorates health. Stress is considered to be contagious and addictive which makes it chronic.
Now you know what stress is and how it’s caused. Let’s take a look on top 5 ways to manage stress

1. Understand The Benefits Of Stress

Stress is something that can enable focus on things that matters most in life. Also, stress is not good or bad neither its a burnout as its just an insight or information that produces energy to bring some changes to get things better than before.

Therefore, stress must be encouraged rather getting frustrated by it as it can help to perform better in the area of context where its experienced. Moreover it helps circulating stress hormones into our system without increasing its levels that causes negative consequences.

2. Using The Stress Energy as Fuel

In order to use the stress energy as a fuel for positive change, you have to look into the information it’s trying to provide. Ask yourself clarifying questions to get to the core of the message what stress energy is really trying to convey. Don’t try to judge it on good or bad basis rather use curiosity to identify the message.

Once you have identified the message or information then you have to use that newly developed energy inside to act as a fuel for some sort of action.

3. Stress Mastery Formula

To master stress you must understand how to Assess, Appreciate and Adjust stress. You must be curious to know about it. Whenever you feel it then try to appreciate it, show gratitude towards this energy as feeling grateful will shift energy creatively, logically to increase productivity. This will reduce demand or increase capacity. Also, try to adjust stress rather pushing it away, welcome it with open heart. This will leads to more confidence and healthy mind.

Over time if Assess, Appreciate and Adjust formula is practiced then healthy mind and confidence definitely gets increased.

4. Shifting The Stress Into Positive Energy

Shifting the stressful energy to more positive energy can be done by thinking about something or someone you feel grateful for.

You can ask brain to focus more on positive things, then you actually start to notice positive things. 

One of the challenges today is that all of us receive constant messages about what’s wrong, what you need to fix and change, and anything else that might be potentially threatening to your safety, whether its real or imagined.

When you consciously shift attention to what’s good and give yourself time to actually sit and reflect on it for awhile, it’s like you are soaking brain and body in positive energy that fuels growth and resilience quickly boosting ability to adapt and putting you in a better energy state that becomes contagious in a good way to those around you.

5. Training Attention By Rhythmic Breathing

Breathing pattern when followed can also alter the heart beats in more rhythmic and coherent state, and these patterns(breathing + heart beats) gives signals to the brain with a sense of safety or fear.

Inhaling into a count of 5 seconds per breath and exhaling into a count of 5 seconds per breath or 6 breaths per minute initiates relaxation response also called parasympathetic part of our nervous system. This state you have to go in order to rest, digest and recharge energy so that you can be more efficient and effective. Practicing rhythmic breathing will be very helpful in brain recharging process.

Training attention is started with breathing then shifting feelings on positive things. This process of breathing rhythmically and shifting the feelings on positive will enables focusing more effectively.

Hope you have liked the article, sole purpose of this is to make you aware of the facts about what stress is and why you feels it and more importantly how to mange it. Apart from the above mentioned process you can also learn a lot about self development to enhance life. you can also take a look on our top books collection by simply reading the articles mentioned down below:

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