Top 5 Autobiographies

Reading autobiographies are among the best way to understand the philosophy of the author and his life. Not only you will get to know someone’s life at a greater perception but you will also find some situations into your own life that are similar to the ones mentioned in these wonderful books.

Here we have listed out autobiographies by some of the most influential people once lived. Readers will not regret after reading these gems.

1. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is know as one of the founding fathers of America. It can be observed by seeing his image on the American dollar very easily, due to this fact it is not wrong to say that he is the soul of America. He is not an ordinary man as throughout his entire life he is being inventor, scientist, writer, author, publisher, politician, etc. It’s worth taking time to read such an amazing book by the amazing man himself. For the active minds he is highly inspirational, the one who can teach how to use your time optimally and to be positive at every moment.
Benjamin Franklin gets his successful status and recognized after 42 years of his life, in this journey so far he never ever backed down, this has shown his extreme level of perseverance. All the time just focused on learning and reading about science.
This book is a must for every person who seeks motivation, as knowing this personality will fire you up to become successful.

2. Long walk to freedom

Long walk to Freedom is based on the life of Nelson Rolihlaha Mandela written by the man himself is one of the classic book among the readers. This book is so famous that it has even made it’s own place into the English literature of class 10 in Indian schools.
In this book Nelson Mandela has described his fight and struggles against the Apartheid system, into which dark skinned people are highly discriminated by the white south Africans. This book teaches one to not be stopped by any hardship in the path because if going gets tough then tougher gets going. Not only Nelson Mandela’s life focused on the hardships he face but it also lights up the fact that if you kneel before the hardship then it makes you his slave. Therefore, this book is very inspirational for anyone who wants to become successful against any odds present or yet to come. With that being said you must have this book into your arsenal.

3. The story of my experiments with truth

The story of my experiments with truths is a phenomenal book to read in 2020. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi(aka. Mahatma Gandhi) is a phenomenal mass leader who is one of the iconic personality that world is gifted with has left tremendous knowledge of wisdom and self realization, which you can integrate into your own lives and bring happiness in the world. At a time when violence is on heights in India, he had his own philosophy of non-violent protests and created “satyagraha” which is followed by crores of Indians, such an influential being who guided almost all Indians to be one and fight the common enemy with peace and non-violence.
Nelson Mandela is also inspired by his ideology of “Satyagraha” campaign. This book is focused on his life before becoming Mahatma Gandhi i.e., when he self realized himself and got the command within that he has to bring justice and peace for the oppressed people. This book is written in a way that you never get tired of reading more and more pages in a day.

4. Autobiography of a yogi

Autobiography of a yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda is one of most important spiritual books of all time, so well written by the man who achieved self consciousness and achieved enlightenment of his mind and soul. He is the man who teaches the world about yoga and kriya yoga. He believes that if physical, mental and spiritual all three parts are focused for balance then only one can achieve complete and true knowledge, and if human achieve this knowledge then he can live his life more happily and find inner peace. He get his name as Yogananda because of his tremendous amount of knowledge in the field of yoga, he also have established ashram(school) where he himself has taught many students about yoga and kriya yoga. In his autobiography he has unveiled various truths of the world which are hidden from normal people who are more focused and attracted towards materialistic things. Steve Jobs, the founder and late CEO of Apple himself has claimed that he read this book every year when he was in India. This book is a must for people who wants to know what spirituality is and what is their main objective in this world.

5. Wings of fire

Wings of fire, undoubtedly it’s the most insipirational book that one should read. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam is the 11th president of India, also known for his work in DRDO as aerospace scientist due to which he is also called as Missile man of India. In his book he has clearly mentioned his ups and downs in his life, the struggles he has made while studying and working simultaneouosly as he come from a poor family. APJ abdul kalam always wanted youth to be educated and focused on ultimate aim. One of his iconic teaching also includes that you should continuously acquire knowledge to fulfil your dream and persevere then you can achieve unbelievable heights.
This book is highly recommended to the students who are currently studying, as this will fire their soul to make impossible as possible.