Why City Novel?

We at CityNovel AKA “city of novels(books)”  believes that for  any  healthy mind a book can bring various qualities and skills without doing  much  research  as  the  research  is already been done  by  an expert. Hence, the only thing that one has to do is just to read books of his interests and field.

Here  we  provide  you all  the  information  that  you   want for  getting a  book of your interests.  We  provide  you enough information about the books  recommended  here   that   will  make  it  easy  for  making decisions  to  purchase  the book. Whether  you are a  student  or  a book  nerd CITYNOVEL will  guide  you to  have  the  best books  available in  the market.

What we do?

CityNovel is the platform where you can find clear facts about a book. You will definitely get a glimpse of the data present inside the book. This information will help you give a better idea of what that book is all about. Not only we highlight the best books available in the market but we also provide summaries of some of the precious and selected books.

CityNovel is designed in a way to help not only the book readers of one type for instance, those who only prefers to read about fictions or novels or may be self help books, rather at here you will be exposed to many different sections that help you understand and find the books of your interests.
On this website, we have tried our best to come up with a precise list of best books on various topics.


“Readers are Leaders”

It was always an incredible experience for me. The beautiful and tremendous amount of knowledge being accumulated by the authors into a book, always fired me up and guided me to take very important decisions in my life. Books has taught me some lessons that are gained at very later stages of life as the experience increases. Not only I read a book in a week but now switching my method to read two books simultaneously in a week. Always a book nerd.